What Is A Multi Family Apartment Fund?

A better way to invest

Well, there IS a better way, and the people that know about this great investment alternative are more than happy to keep it “hush-hush”, out of the newspapers. So what’s the better way? It’s…

Investing in a Multi-Family Apartment Building Fund

We look for multi family unit apartment buildings in emerging markets that are in distress.   There are more good real estate opportunities than even we can invest in at any one time. That’s why we use a large network of banks, mortgage companies and investors to participate along with us.

How Does It Work?

We created Multi-Family Apartment Investing Funds to make it easier for individual real estate investors to piggy back on others’ professional experience and get started on the road to apartment house investing faster.

The type of property that we want to acquire are clearly stipulated in our Offering documents which are only presented to those individuals who have been pre-qualified as have a substantive preexisting relationship with us. We would be looking for a multi-family property that we could purchase for pennies on the dollar and that was either a B+ to an A class property. None of this no-money-down stuff. The number one criteria is that we could buy a great asset at a ridiculously low price. Why would we be able to do this? Because we are shopping with cash in our pocket; no schemes, no seller-carrybacks. Just cold hard cash.

Let’s say that 100 investors put up $35,000 apiece into the fund. When the fund closes, we could contact several lenders and say that we have $3,000,000 available to help their balance sheet and take some troubled assets off their books. The remaining $500,000 would be kept in reserve to run the property. I can assure you, there are many banks right now that have been told by the FDIC that they need to raise cash fast. These banks would be our first stop.

Our objective would be to buy good property, property that you would want to live in yourself, fix the problems with it and then sell it and do it again. Every step of the way, the investors would be involved and would see how the process works.

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