Strategic Investments In Real Estate

The Carolina Ridge Holding (CRH) team has over ten years of experience managing, improving and developing commercial real estate assets nationwide.  Carolina Ridge Holdings targets value-added and opportunistic projects in niche markets where judicious investment of capital and executive experience can create significant upside. Much of CRH’s success and rapid growth has been achieved by forming institutional and private strategic relationships which enable it to efficiently take advantage of unique, high-profit opportunities that occur in the marketplace.


Carolina Ridge Holdings takes pride in our ability to provide investment opportunities for growing your portfolio the way you would if you had the time and experience.


The Mission of Carolina Ridge Holdings is to acquire, fund and manage multi-family projects in strong secondary and tertiary markets that we have identified as meeting our strict acquisition criteria.


  • Exceed expectations
  • Maintain the highest standards of legal, ethical, moral and professional conduct; do business with those who do the same.
  • Be leaders in our industry by demonstrating certainty, competence and confidence.
  • Empower each other to donate time and money to charitable giving and add value to the community
  • Our Partners

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