Invest With Your IRA

Did you know that many astute investors are using their IRA/SEP’s and Keoghs to invest in Apartments Buildings without having to manage them?  These investors get all the tax deferred benefits of an active owner of the apartment building without the hassles.  Here is a list of benefits that a cash flowing apartment investment property can offer an investor:

  • Cash flow and building equity.
  • Income tax savings.
  • You DO NOT have to guarantee the debt to purchase property.
  • All management is handled and done for you.
  • All management is professional and handled by an expert.
  • Good properties in good locations.

When talking about IRA’s, most advisors only talk about traditional investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and maybe even single-family homes.  Maybe you’ve heard of some single-family home investors and some of the profits that they have been able to make right there in your own market. I know that there are many successful investors who are busy with their own businesses and have no time to oversee the day to day operations of investment real estate. But, they understand the benefits of owning investment real estate and many use their IRAs to do this.  This really is one of the best ways for you to build their wealth, while they enjoy their business and personal life!

It is VERY EASY to invest your IRA into apartments buildings. On the surface it seems that it should be complicated and fraught with problems but the good news is that it’s VERY EASY to do and the paperwork process to do it takes about 10 minutes to get through.. That’s It!!  NO MATTER WHERE YOUR IRA MONIES ARE LOCATED AT THE PRESENT TIME!!  Imagine being able to take advantage of this by also giving your IRA a huge low risk BOOST!

I bet apartment house investing has been on your “to do” list for quite awhile now.  You have probably thought about being an owner of some apartment house, but have probably stopped short because:

1. Your age or family status.
2. Your lack of knowledge about investing in apartment buildings.
3. Lack of time to research about commercial investing.
4. You think it may be risky.
5. You think you may have to manage people yourself.
6. You think other investments are much better
7. You did not know you could invest your IRA into apartment buildings.

Do not let any of the above reasons get in your way.  But It Is Not For Everybody.  I only have so much time to work with successful investors. So, because I am concerned about getting you the quality information and wealth building opportunities you deserve, I am limiting MEMBERSHIP and ownership in my next Private Placement Fund to people with at least $50,000.00+ to invest.  Also, as I said before, you need to be serious about this.

I only have room for serious investors dedicated to growing their wealth through apartment and commercial investment properties.   OK, quick pre-screening over. If you are still with me you are a serious investor, let’s not waste any more time and go over the program in detail.

Click Here to complete the accredited investor questionnaire. Once you complete the form and return it, I look forward to getting this information to you.

Duncan Wierman
CEO  – Carolina Ridge Holdings
Part of The Wierman Group of Companies

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